Learning Unit 2

Image: Soldiers at rest after drill, Petersburg, Va.

1. In the photograph, a large group of soldiers are sitting in the grass. Some are playing cards or just laying down, while others are reading a newspaper or letters from home. All their weapons have been put to the side. In the background, soldiers of a higher rank are monitoring the relaxing soldiers.

2. To me, this image represents a brief moment of peace and tranquility during war. Though the soldiers all appear relaxed, they know it will not last long and are trying to enjoy it as best as they can.

Image: Ringgold, Ga., battery at drill.

1. The image depicts a large group of soldiers. In the front, the soldiers are standing at attention next to cannons. The rest of the soldiers are on horseback, standing in organized rows. Everyone is looking straight ahead, as if they are waiting for something.

2. To me, this image represents anticipation and anxiousness. All the soldiers are standing or sitting with stern faces, and seem ready for an attack. It represents the threat of war and the terrible moments leading to it.

Image: Soldiers in the trenches before battle, Petersburg, Va.

1. In this image, soldiers are sitting in a trench, looking uncomfortable. Their guns and equipment are scattered about on the floor and there is little room for the soldiers. Outside of the trench are two commanding officers  who seem to be on looking for something.

2. Like the previous picture, it is a depiction of the soldiers waiting for the battle to begin, and represents the anticipation of war. They know an attack can come at any time and yet there is nothing they can do but wait for it to happen.

4. The images are all similar in that they show what the soldiers did when they were not fighting, even though they were in the middle of a war. They are also similar in that even though they were not fighting at the moment, a battle could start again at any time and they would never know when. The overarching theme is of soldiers being unsure of their fate, not knowing if they were going to live or die.


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2 Responses to Learning Unit 2

  1. meganj says:

    I think Scott’s analysis of the images he looked at is very good. I like how he described each image as giving off the feeling that the soldiers were waiting for a battle that they weren’t sure they would survive. For the soldiers in these images the reality that they didn’t know what was going to happen next must have been very scary. So the moments that these photos captured and the fact that this might have actually been the last photos some of them ever got to participate in, makes these photos very special. I think it was important that images were taking of the soldiers when they were having a moment of rest because like Scott said the soldiers didn’t know if they were going to die in the next battle.

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