Learning Unit 6

Part A:

In A Hazard of New Fortunes, William Dean Howells spent a substantial portion of the novel discussing March’s difficulty in finding a place in New York. I believe his reason for including this is that it gives the reader an idea of the psychology and thought process of a semi-affluent American at the time. It shows both the pettiness and somewhat materialistic mindset of the people at this time in history. In this manner, it is both a satire and a mirror for the reader, showing them the foolishness of acting in such a manner,

Part B

After looking at some of my blog posts, I think I focus heavily on the Civil War in my writings. It is not hard  to understand why the Civil War fascinates me as it was a war that had a huge effect on both American history and American writers. Unlike other wars in American history, this war was fought with America itself. There were no foreign nations to declare the enemy, and America was almost torn apart. I think what fascinates me the most about the Civil War is how it reflects the modern age. The values and beliefs that divided the North and the South during the Civil War, still divide them even now. In this manner, one can say that the Civil War never really ended.


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