Learning Unit 7

My paper will be about how Civil War era poetry illustrates the conflict between the North and South in terms of culture and ideology. I will be focusing on the poems “Manassas”, “Another Yankee Doodle” and possibly another poem. I have not yet found any secondary sources though I might be using historical books on the Civil War in order to better examine the poems.

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2 Responses to Learning Unit 7

  1. Iris Claudio says:

    Hey, Scott, it’s Iris. Since we’re peer review partners, do you wanna exchange emails? Mine is iriscolon004@gmail.com. (Sorry that I’m so late in asking, by the way.)

  2. Hi Iris. Sorry that I’m responding late. My email is skatzman100@qc.cuny.edu. I’m just about to continue working on my essay but I’ll email you the page I did for Tuesday.

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