Learning Unit 10

Part I:

This quote relates to Daisy Miller in that the titular character, an American, tries to forge a new identity in Europe. She rejects her “Americaness” to embrace a European way of life. This can be seen as a sort of reversal in that Europe has become a sort of frontier for the American identity. The American identity is now seen as separate from the European identity.

Part II

1. The poem “Avalanche” can be seen as an almost literal example of the first quote. In the poem, when the narrator is trapped within her house after the avalanche, everything outside the house becomes foreign. She is unable to leave the house because it is too dangerous. In this manner, the domestic sphere becomes a literal nation, with everything outside the home as a border.

4. The poem “Cattle-Killing Winter” is similar to this quote in that the characters in this poem are struggling to survive and conquer the frontier. Their struggle to survive is part of  the process of domestication, in which they must learn to adapt and survive in this new foreign environment.

5. The short story “The Luck of Roaring Camp” is similar to this quote in that the characters living on the camp are not entirely civilized, but not exactly savage either. They have not truly made a domestic sphere because they have not yet conquered their savagery. The birth of Luck is seen as the first step towards domesticity, however the baby’s death indicates that domestication is not an easy process.

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